About me

Once upon a time

I started my career in India building (mostly breaking) large scale ERP systems. Bored of doing it for 9 years, I then walked into the office of my then boss, Vivek Chaudhary and asked him if he had anything, I could be useful on. Turns out, he was starting the Deloitte Digital Studios in India and needed folks to collaborate in building it out. He offered me a deal if I could prove myself useful, I could stay. Else I could go back to where I came from.

7 years to that day and no one had found out, so I continued playing the ruse of a digital leader and product manager in the Deloitte Digital Studios. I created and built out their digital engagement management and business experience design practices spanning 50+ practitioners in the India Studios, while working with clients all over the globe.

Until one day

The entrepreneurial bug bit me in 2019, so I decided to try my hand at starting something new. So I quit Deloitte Digital in Feb 2020 and since then have been up to all sorts of no good.

On a serious note, I am trying my hand at social media marketing, bringing my wife's business online on Instagram Business. My wife, Shilpa Nair, creates completely bespoke and personalized apparel for women - none of it is off the shelf! You can find our work on Instagram on the following link below:

Zuri Designz Instagram

And now

Since I have so much free time on my hands these days, I spend a lot of time reading, writing and learning new stuff. I also spend considerable time preparing content for my social media platforms, so hop over to the links on the left to find what I am up to.

If you would like to collaborate with me, please get in touch with me by pressing the button below.

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