A Seat at the table

Photo by Chanita Sykes

I was invited as part of a campus recruitment event to MIT School of Design in Loni. This speech post was meant for the pre-placement talk, but when we arrived, we had to rush directly into recruitment activities. I felt this speech deserved its moment in the sun, so I am hoping you are inspired by it too!

This post originally appeared as a LinkedIn Post.

LinkedIn Post: A seat at the table


I am Renga. I am not a designer. So why is a guy with no pedigree in design here to hire the top design talent in India? The answer lies in what I do for a living.

I work at getting design, the best seat at the table.

What table is this, you ask?

It is a very interesting table. It is where most of the Fortune 500 companies bring their most critical business problems to, because they know we can solve them.

It is the same table, where the finest of India's engineering, strategy and design talent break bread together.

And I could talk all day about the fact that we have made winning awards at Webby and Cannes a rigorous habit, but the fact is we work across our 40+ studios to make that happen.

Most importantly, this is precisely the table that all the work that you would do as a designer is always done with a diverse group of people, who work together on crucial issues and solve them through great design, every single day.

So come forth, join us. And when you do, I will promise you a seat at this table.