How to request for upward leadership feedback, like the Genie from Aladdin

Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

In a pre-pandemic era, I understand Feb - Apr is when leaders seek upward feedback in most organizations. At my previous firm, I always looked forward to it to understand how I could improve myself. Since the survey responses are voluntary and anonymous, it would always be a challenge to get a proper magnitude of responses.

In a bid to shake things up over the past few years, I sent survey requests in the only format I knew - creative writing. When I posted the survey this year, it was to the tune of Will Smith's 'You ain't never had a friend like me' from Aladdin (2019).

Read (sing?) the following to that tune - hope you enjoy it! 


You have your leaders out here dime a dozen
and you got some more on your way
But whom do you go to
when the chips are down
and you don't know what or whom to say
You got help in your corner now
Come hither, I will hear
I got your back, and how
All you got to do is fill this NOW! (Link for the survey here)

Then I will say Mister/mademoiselle whatever
what would your grievance be
Be assured I will act on it
you ain't never had a friend like me

If you need a mic, I will give you a soapbox
And then you could vent on me OR
you could whisper to me whatever your beef is on this,
you ain't never had a friend like me

I pride myself on taking good care of you
whether you are a QA, engineer or XD,
say what you wish
'coz this is your chance to dish
some of your perspective on me

In turn, you could have SOME of my help on this
OR ALL my skill and repartee
I am in the mood to help you dear
you ain't never had a friend like me

Don't sit there, weepy eyed,
thinking no one's heard your plea
I am the answer for what you asked
so wish ahead and you will see

Now I am so stoked to help you out, if only you will tell me now
All that you wished and you hoped for, but didn’t know where and how

mister or miss anonymous
yes! go on
What would your wish list be
Here or out, I am on your job, you ain't

never had a friend, never had a friend (REPEAT)
never had a friend, never had a friend (REPEAT)

Never (never) Had a (had a) Friend (friend) Like (like) Me!

You ain't never had a friend like me!